Using lube in sex

How to use lube to make sex better

Sometimes, it is uncomfortable, uncoordinated, and could use a little sex lube in order to smooth things over. First of all, pay attention to choose different kinds of lubricants in different forms. It will improve the quality of your experience immensely.

Read this before you use a lube during sex

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Using lube during sex might be ruining your chances of getting pregnant

A woman's natural lubrication is often a sign of arousal, the same way erections are for men, says dweck.

What lube should i be using

However, you will be surprised to know how far you could get with just a standard sex lubricant.

Guide to couples having better and longer

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What men really think about using lube during sex

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How to use lube to make sex so much better

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Vaseline as a sexual lubricant

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How to use lube during sex

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Should i use lubricant during sex

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